What is 10DLC brand vetting?

Brand vetting is the process where a 3rd party reviews your EIN and other key details to certify its authenticity, it's kind of like a credit check for your Messaging.

Why does my brand need to be vetted?

Brand vetting is required by AT&T and T-Mobile for sending more than 2,000 10DLC messages a day. If your company is not in the Fortune 1000 or Russell 3000, you should strongly consider the one-time fee of $40 (a passthrough with no markup from VOXOX) to have your brand vetted by a 3rd party.

10DLC brand vetting builds trust within the messaging ecosystem. Completing a 3rd party brand vetting ensures that the major carriers that are delivering your SMS trust your number.

When trust is created between a brand and the end-user, they are ultimately able to improve the blocking of predatory password phishing and other identity theft tactics.

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