How to Submit your 10DLC Brand & Campaign Details

How can I submit my 10DLC Brand and Campaign Details Online?


The below step by step guide should help prepare you for the upcoming release of the new 10DLC (10 digit long code) product. This product will replace the traditional long code product and brings with it several advantages, but also some upfront requirements that will be necessary to build your brand / campaign and be authorized to send messages.

Step 1: Gather Your Brand & Campaign Information

A brand is a responsible party (business or individual) that creates the messaging content in a campaign. As your Campaign Service Provider (CSP), Voxox will submit your campaign details to the 10DLC authority.

Voxox Partner Details

  • Voxox Partner Name: the company name you use for doing business with Voxox.

  • Your Email Address: the primary contact’s email address for managing this request.

Business Entity Information

  • Legal Company Name: your company name as it appears on legal forms.

  • Legal Form Of Company: what type of company formation is this? e.g.: private for profit

  • Country of Business: in what country was your company formed?

  • Type of Business: what type of industry does your business belong to? e.g.: Financial Services

  • EIN TAX ID: what is your Employer Identification Number? aka: federal tax identification number.

  • International TAX ID: what is your international Tax ID, if not based in the United States.

Business Address & Contact Information

  • Address / Street: the street address of your company

  • City: the city in which your company resides

  • State or Province: the state in which your company resides

  • ZIP Code or Postal Code: the ZIP code in which your company resides

  • Country: the country in which your company resides

  • Support Email Address: the best email to contact your support team

  • Support Phone Number: the best phone number to contact your support team

Step 2: Submit Your Brand & Campaign Info using the Voxox Form

Voxox has tried to make this process as streamlined as possible by removing the complexities and providing a simplified form that only requires the essentials. Upon submitting this information, Voxox will register your brand and campaign(s) on your behalf.

examples provided within the above image.

Step 3: Voxox will review the registration within 24 hours

This process may involve some back-and-forth to ensure all information is accurate.

Now that you have completed your brand/campaign information, the next step is to submit the form and your Voxox team will review the details and get back to you within 24-48 hours. As soon as it gets approved, your campaign(s) will be assigned a unique campaign ID that is used to tag all of the long codes within that campaign.

Step 4: Voxox will assign a local 10DLC or Toll-Free number

a single number cannot be associated with more than one campaign w/o an exception.

Great news - your campaign has been approved!

Voxox will now assign a local 10DLC or Toll-Free number to your campaign. Standard campaigns can utilize only one long code for sending and receiving messages. However, there can be exceptions. For instance, you could potentially qualify for an exception if your company has multiple locations that each have a different text-enabled number sharing the same customer care use case. We can put in a special request for the carrier to review the use case to try and have it approved.