Grandstream GXP1760W Setup

This article will guide you through the steps necessary to setup the Grandstream GXP1760 IP Phone


Getting Started 

    Send an email or chat with us to request credentials for each of your users that will need to add an IP Phone to their extension. Adding an IP Phone will apply a $4.99 monthly charge per extension.
    Now it's time to get your new phone connected.
  1. Connect your phone to your network.  This phone supports WiFi or Ethernet and both methods will work. 
  2. Once connected, locate your phone's IP address and log into the web interface.
  3. Add your extension credentials.
  4. Update security settings to require Encryption of your calls.
  5. Customize how and when you want your new connected phone to ring.

    Connect Your Phone

    You can set up WiFi through the keypad menu or by the Web interface if you know the IP address.  For this guide, we will use the keypad.  Its a bit slower, but more reliable.

    1. On the LCD menu press Menu or start by pressing the silver button in the middle of the arrows.  Navigate to System → Network → WiFi settings and enable WiFi.
    2.  Select “Scan” and the phone will automatically start scanning for WiFi networks.
    3.  A list of WiFi networks will be displayed. Select the desired network, and if required, enter the correct password to connect. (sorry in advance, its a lot of button pressing)

    Log into the phones web interface

    This step will make everything from here on much easier.

    1. Locate the phones IP address on the LCD menu, navigate to Status → Network Status → IPv4 Settings
    2. Enter this IP address into your web browser (Eg. or
    3. Login with the default username and password (username:admin & password:admin)
    4. If you are not able to log in with this username and password and you do not know the password, you will need to reset the phone to factory defaults by proceeding to step 5.  (DO NOT continue to step 5 if you were able to login in step 3)
    5. Press MENU button to bring up the keypad configuration menu.  Select "System" and enter. Select "Factory Reset".  A warning window will pop out to make sure a reset is requested and confirmed.  Press "OK" softkey to confirm and the phone will reboot.  Start over at the beginning of this guide to connect WiFi or ethernet.

    Add your extension settings

    1. Navigate to menu Accounts → Account 1 → General Settings and enter the following information.
      1. Account Active = Yes
      2. Account Name = Choose a short 8-10 character name that will appear on the phone's display.  Start with your Extension number like 101
      3. SIP Server =
      4. SIP User ID = Username supplied by Voxox (number beginning in 1950 that is 11 digits long)
      5. Authenticate ID = Username supplied by Voxox (number beginning in 1950 that is 11 digits long)
      6. Authenticate Password = Password supplied by Voxox
      7. Chose Save and Apply
    2. On the left-hand menu, choose SIP Settings → Basic Settings
    3. Locate the SIP Transport option and select TLS/TCP
    4. Below this option, set the SIP Transport to sips if it is not already set
    5. Scroll down and choose Save and Apply

    At this point, your phone will now have an icon in the upper left-hand corner.

    Go ahead and 

    Optional Steps

    Upgrade Firmware

    This step is important to make sure your phone has the latest software from Grandstream.  

    1. You can get the latest firmware directly from Grandstream and searching for GXP1760W
    2. Once this file is downloaded you will need to unzip the file to retrieve the .bin file for the next step.  open Click the Start button on the first row next to Upgrade Firmware. If you are asking 'what is unzipping' then you can download the April 2021 version directly here
    3. Now that you have the latest firmware, let's upload it to the phone.
    4. From your phone's web interface, select the Maintenance menu and choose Upgrade and Provisioning.
    5. Find the file and click Start