What is the difference between a 10DLC Campaign Service Provider (CSP) and Connectivity Partner (CNP)?

The 10DLC product provides two types of brand/campaign management roles: Campaign Service Provider (CSP) or the Connectivity Partner (CNP).  The primary difference between these two roles is how you are looking to manage the brand/campaign content.


Voxox as your Campaign Service Provider (CSP)

If you are not interested in doing the heavy lifting of managing your brand and campaign content, then you would elect to make Voxox your CSP.  In doing this, Voxox will register your brand and campaign with The Campaign Registry (TCR) as well as handle building out the campaign content (provided by you) and making any future content adjustments that you may want.

Voxox Will...

  • Register Your Brand/Campaign with The Campaign Registry
  • Build out your campaign content with TCR and ensure it meets all requirements *
  • Handle any maintenance issues / requests that may be required.
  • Make any adjustments you might require to the campaign content 
  • Act as your Service Provider for in/out messaging

* Campaign Content must be provided by the client.


Voxox as your Connectivity Partner (CNP)

If you are looking to take on the registration, management and maintenance of your brand/campaign, then you will want to make Voxox your CNP.  This option designates yourself as the CSP and essentially makes Voxox the service provider for your in/out messaging.

Voxox Will...

  • Act as your Service Provider for in/out messaging